What are the instructions from "instructions" column?

My goal - copy and execute a transaction. At solscan, how can one determine what precisely those instructions are, that are in the column instructions?


Where to look the description of each? Where parameters/data precisely were sent to them?

How to reverse enginear all that?

If you click the transaction ID, it will bring you to a page for the transaction that has more details:

On the page that brings you to, you can see the exact data that was sent with each instruction.

Yeah, but what is precisely Create Associated Account, for instance? Where is it, or are any others, described?

Ah, yeah, I didn’t explain that. :slight_smile:

In the screenshot below, the new arrows point to the on-chain program ( aka. smart contract ) that the transaction was sent to.

As you can see, for instruction #1, labeled “Instruction 0” in the screenshot, Solscan doesn’t know what that program is. It’s some program someone deployed, but they don’t know where it came from or what it does.

On the other hand, for instruction #2, Solscan has labeled the Associated Token Account Program, and labeled the transaction “Create Associated Account”, because it knows and understands how that program works.

That is just convenient labeling on the part of Solscan. Those instructions aren’t listed anywhere, and depend entirely on what smart contract you send the transactions to.

So for the first instruction, Solscan didn’t know anything about the program and left it unlabeled, but for the convenience of the viewers, they will label all the instructions that they know about from the Solana Program Library, such as the voting program and the token account program, etc., so that viewers can get a little bit of extra help understanding what’s going on, at least for those programs.

Since Solana knows, where are “Associated Token Account Program” and “Create Associated Account” described then?

You can find the docs for the Solana Program Library here:

But the specific thing that is labeling these transactions on Solscan would be in the Solscan source code, I think. I’m not aware of any central place for well-known program instruction lists.