What are the tokenomics of NIRV, ANA and prANA?

Nirvana is very different from other protocolos since there is no scheduled cliffs, vesting terms, or anything like that. There was also no initial distribution of tokens to the team, since all the 3 tokens are created through the use of the protocol.

  • NIRV is borrowed from staking and locking ANA as collateral.
  • ANA is minted when someone buys through the protocol’s AMM, through realizing prANA, or through vested trANA.
  • prANA is minted and distributed as reward to everyone staking ANA on the protocol.

prANA TOkens are emitted only when the protocol grows and reach all time higher. Nirvana emits 0.5% of the global supply of $ANA as $prANA, every day, and pays this pot prorated to stakers & NIRV borrowers. Nirvana also produces 10% of each net ANA as prANA, to fund operations, growth, and incentive programs on other protocols. This Growth Fund scales with the protocol, so as to be absorbed by the concurrent bull run. Currently, fees are being used to seed 3rd-party pools (i.e. Raydium).

Nirvana https://www.reddit.com/r/NirvanaFinance/ https://app.nirvana.finance/