What costs are associated with smart contracts?

Hello fellow solana cryptonites,

I am looking for the below information regarding solana smart contracts (sc) and could use your expertise.

  • What is the mimimum rent that I need to have in the account for deploying and running the sc?
  • what is the rent for running the sc for 10 days, how is it calculated
  • How much SOL to be in the account to make the sc rent exempt?
  • What is the current rent for a smart contract per epoch?
  • Can I programatically change the ACCOUNT which will be used to pay this rent later after deployment of the sc?
  • Are there any other charges BESIDES the rent and SOL transfer fees that I need to consider for deploying and running the sc?
  • if a smart contract lapses because the payer account does not have enough SOL then can the sc be reactivated and what is the process for the same?
  • Can the same account pay the rent for multiple smart contracts, are there any limitations
  • If I have an account containing enough SOL for it to be rent exempt can this account be used to cover the rent for MULTIPLE smart contracts or do I need multiple accounts (one for each sc)
  • Can we pay SOL transfer fees using USDC from our code
  • How much is the transaction charges per outgoing payment?