What is the hottest project on Solana right now?

Hello guys.

What project built on Solana blockchain you can highlight and why. Both existing and upcoming. It will be cool to learn more about Solana Ecosystem namely projects.

I started my journey in Solana Ecosystem from Solcial. The upcoming web3 social network without censorship.

This project can bring us the freedom of speech and the ability to monetize your content. They have top bakers on board such as Solana Ventures and Alameda. They have an amazing community in Discord and a perspective ambassador program - The Scout Program - that allows you to contribute to the future of the project and spread the information all over the world and get rewards for this.

I think it is not acceptable to share the links here but you can easily find this project.

It will be great to learn more projects to explore or hear your thoughts on Solcial as well.


Hi @solanna and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’ve never heard of Solcial, but I’ll have to look at it. It sounds interesting!

I appreciate you trying to be aware of what’s acceptable for the forum. :slight_smile:

I’m kind of the unofficial moderator on the forum ( unofficial because I don’t actually have admin rights ) and I don’t mind you posting links, just don’t post scam links obviously and just try not to just post a bunch of advertising links.

There has to be somewhere for people to share about their projects and I don’t mind the forum be a place to do that, as long as it doesn’t get ridiculous. Unfortunately many people are posting new ads about their services every day, which is too much in my opinion.

Projects I’ve found quite interesting on Solana have been mostly in the DeFi space so far, and they include:

  • Jupiter Aggregator - ( This one’s a favorite of mine ) The way to get the best price on simple token swaps on Solana, by using whatever decentralized exchanges will produce the best price, even if it requires swapping through multiple exchanges!
  • Orca - A simple, good for beginners decentralized exchange.
  • Francium - A leveraged yield farming app with great graphs and explanations to help you understand your risks and gains.
  • Synthetify - A project that can supply price-matched tokens ( aka. synthetics ) for projects like BTC, ETH, USD, LUNA, and more.

Oh, got it. thank you for your response.

Amazing, I’ll probably go through these projects and it will be good to discuss them with forum members. Heard a little about Orca from my friends who are in crypto longer than me - more about their NFT collection with Orcanauts if I’m not wrong.

You can discover Solcial at their website and wiki that is organized like a whitepaper. Their website https://solcial.io. As well as join their Discord. I think their team members can tell you more.


I think after recent war in ukraine & tussle between twitter board and Elon Musk, Social media & freedom of speech along with censorship & privacy are all back in debate.
People are now thinking about it more than ever before. Decentralized social media projects can bring some real freedom from centralized controls.

Many decentralized/ peer to peer software based projects are working towards it. For example, Mastodon is eyeing to be a Twitter replacement and Aether is gunning for Reddit.

On solana blockchain though, I recently discovered Solcial (Listed as $SLCL on cmc ) which I think with all the features it is offering can gain huge traction. I have also invested some. But DYOR.


Hi friends )

I think the whole Solana ecosystem is amazing, and everyone can find an interesting project for himself. Thanks for the info above.

As for me… I liked the Raydium project. It is an automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity provider, is very comfortable to use.

Solcial I also know. I can agree with you that is a very hot project, because the issues of content ownership and its monetization are important for many people now) So I’m in ))


I’ve already started using Raydium. Cool and easy-to-use AMM even for such newbies as I am :slight_smile:


Anyone hear about Nirvana before ??

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You can actually join and see the cool stuff and development in there :golfing_man::heart::parking:

What is this project about? what problem does it solve?

Nirvana :statue_of_liberty:

It is a twin system of algorithmic wealth & ultra low-risk stablecoin on the Solana network. It produces the ANA token: an algorithmic metastable token that serves as a store of wealth, and the NIRV token: a decentralized superstable store of value.

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I’ll definitely
take a look. Did you have a chance to review solcial.io project. They have interesting conversations in their Discord. I think it can be a strong web3 social network built on Solana.

It’s clear that either a Nirvana dev or community member is posting very spammy links to their discord throughout the forum, and now they also appear to be joining a bunch of fake, brand-new users to the forum to promote their project.

Please stop doing this, it isn’t going to help your project to bug people on the forum about it.

I’ve looked into the project a little bit and it looks very cool and legitimate, but I don’t appreciate spamming the forum to try and convince people of that. Please keep our forum a nice place to be. :+1:

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I created this thread not to see the same messages sharing the same link.

I want to learn more about good projects from the Solana ecosystem. Both that is not launched yet but have great potential and those that were launched already.

Btw. I am following one more project now. DAG from Ex Populus. Amazing and fun NFT collection. Waiting for the next collection of Pigeons made in collaboration with Mike Tyson.

Hello zicklag, can we delete scammers’ posts from this thread?

The links are not a scam, there is a campaign taking place to publicize the project on new networks

Unfortunately the best I can do is flag them as spam, which will hide them, but it looks like they still take up a lot of space.

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It’s okay. Hope to see more interesting projects here soon and will continue adding from my DYOR

I´m loving what i´ve been reading about SOLCIAL… You will certainly see me there soon :nerd_face:. I´ve also bookmarked Solclout (even though I dont believe it will outperform Solcial, but its always great to have competitors) and Orca.