What is the most demand blockchain business?

Hi community of Solana. Could you suggest me, where I can find or research the most powerful fields in blockchain, where I can see the market demand in something?
I understand that my question with no technical category, but anyway…

Hey bro.
I assumed that you’re new in blockchain industry. But this curios, that you asking on Solana forum =)

I can suggest you to check medium or hackernoon about demand, twitter topics, google trends.
Moreover, I came across Google News and found this Article about 16 blockchain business ideas. I found this actually interesting for me. Here’s an access to this info TOP 16 Billion-Dollar blockchain ideas to launch in 2022 | 4IRE
Just read, find best insights for you. Hope you will back with BIG announce with your project :money_mouth_face: :v:

Hi Serhio, many thanks!
Could you recommend some hackernoon posts or market research tools/sources ?