Where can I inform about scam address and back my sol?

1 hour ago I connect my wallet to site and it was scam. I want to report to the police or other authority that can arrest this fraud and return my money

this is address is scam EqfZRpmZ6ZnEkRs3qPJvDiHp6qgZoKz8kVSHYgJ34MXE
Please freeze this address and all crypto to end investigation

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Hi @Bagi and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you got scammed.

Unfortunately there is no way to freeze the account. I’m not sure if there are authorities that you can contact that might know to whom the wallet belongs, but the chances are that the scammer has hidden his identity well, and there isn’t necessarily a way to identify the person behind the wallet.

So you don’t have an anti-fraud program?
Can’t your blockchain provide the connection ip address?

No, I don’t think so. The attacker could have used any number of different RPC nodes run by independent parties across the world to connect to the network, which means the server that would actually know the attacker’s IP address could be anywhere. He also could have used a temporary server he hosted himself.

Additionally, the attacker could have used a VPN or even Tor to obfuscate his network traffic, making it impossible to know where he is, even if we did get the IP address.

I don’t know of any.

The nature of the blockchain gives freedom to the individual users to fully control their funds, preventing abuse from big businesses or governments who could otherwise take control of the blockchain or prevent honest users from spending their money.

This has the side effect that it is very difficult to reverse scams, but it is in the interest of having true freedom and control over your wallet.

In the future, hopefully we will have more measures to help prevent scams before they happen. Maybe by having ways to share suspicious sites in a way that your browser would warn you before you connect to them and similar techniques.

If you want to ask around more, you could try the Discord. Just beware of scams on Discord, never reply to random private messages, and never give anybody your private key or seed phrase:

I was just scammed by the same wallet. They built a website here:

They connected with my wallet, and I sent them 2 SOL (~$400). I was tipped to the scam because they then tried to phish my seed phrase.

Ideally, using governance, there can be a vote to identify this as a scam and reverse the transaction. Is there a mechanism for this?

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Hi @newtodefi and welcome to the forum.

In Solana, there is no mechanism to reverse a transaction. I’m sorry you lost your funds! :confused:

so if there any official report for scammer NFT or scammer web?

so suddenly there is a NFT in my account
this NFT

then i clicked in the web description, apperently i click approve. damn it bye bye 200usdc

i looked the nft, theyve been there for ages, can solana do something about scammer?

bro someone didnt pay me and how to report his wallet? i have his address already