Where is the biggest Solana Dev Community?

Hi there! I’m new on Solana. I was wondering where do you think I should post a question about developing with Solana?
On Discord? StackOverflow? Reddit? Here?

I saw a community on Discord and Reddit and I’ve just discovered this forum googling this exact question. What do you think?

Hi @kanshio and welcome to the forum! :wave:

As it stands right now, there are not really any Solana Foundation members or developers here on this forum. I’m not sure what the Reddit is like. Discord seems to be the most active place as far as I know.

If you ask a question here, I’ll do my best to answer it, but when I don’t know the answer I usually point people to the Discord since I’m one of the only people answering questions here right now. I’m not on Discord much at all, so I’m not sure exactly how often questions are answered on Discord, but I think there are more devs on Discord.


Thanks @zicklag! You were right about discord! I’ve just searched my question on discord search bar and I found plenty of people with the same bug so I’m reading the answers they got to see if those fix my issue. If they not I’ll create a post about it. Thanks again!

I come from Cardano, there is a developers Category on Cardano’s forum. I think that could help a lot building a community here.

Yep, we’ve gotten similar comments recently about the forum categories. I’m going to try to apply as a forum admin so that I can add some categories once I get the chance. :slight_smile:

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Cool! I know it’s hard to build a community. I’ll try to be active. I tend to avoid social networks and forums for productivity but this seems promising

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