Where is the Solana team listed?

Maybe I’m having temporary blindness, but I can’t seem to find any “About us”, or “Team” pages at solana.com or at https://solana.foundation/

What am I missing?


Maybe this is the official list on GitHub?

Those are contributors, but what about marketing, investor relations, legal counser folks and so on?

Look for example at the About / Team page for Algorand.

I was going to also give Fantom as an example, but https://fantom.foundation/about/ is 404 (!?). It was live last week, and there’s an archive from October.

Is someone hacking About pages for crypto projects, or what :slight_smile:

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Interesting… :slight_smile:

We should probably ask on Discord.

I couldn’t join, but please do point someone to this thread.

I’ve never seen a billion-dollar project without an “About” page until now.

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