Why can't i join the discord?

I am trying from the link on solana.com and it says “this user is banned from this guild”

:confused: can anybody share an invite link?

Sorry @ata, I’ve heard of other people having trouble with the Discord link, but I don’t know what’s wrong with it? :man_shrugging: It seems like the official link works for some people and not for others.

Maybe somebody else who is already on Discord can help? :eyes:

Thanks, i’ve been waiting for it :slight_smile:

I am trying join as well. I joined last weekend… and never seen any channels… and now I am going back to try and start working on building a server, and start looking at the dev docks, the discord server is no longer in my list :frowning:

I tried rejoining, and now it says I am unable to. How can I’ve been kicked off? I haven’t done anything…

A couple of the crypto Discord servers I’ve gotten on had some sort of “verify you’re a human” process or something, which you had to go through to see any of the channels. I wonder if it’s a red flag to the bots if you sign up for the server and don’t go through that process immediately, making it look like you’re a bot that couldn’t pass the test or something.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything to do about it.


I actually went through one of them… and than figured I had to wait for someone to review the info… so I went onto other things… and now I don’t see it anymore, and it will not let me in at all… who can help me with this. I have about 10K I want to use to buy equipment and get a node setup, but the forum basically said get details from discord :stuck_out_tongue:

so kinda board right now lol…

:upside_down_face: Yeah, it seems like the devs and other smart people don’t hang out on the forum for some reason, so I do the best I can to answer questions, but there’s a lot I haven’t done/learned yet.

I just got on Discord, I’ll see if anybody knows how to get you guys on.

Do you guys mind posting your Discord names so I can give them to the guys on the discord server. Somebody said some accounts get auto-banned for their names.

My discord name that’s autobanned is: slaejae#1686

I was also having issues signing into Discord, both with my existing account and a new account to verify if something was wrong. I used the link included in the community site (https://solana.com/community). Would someone mind adding me to Discord?

My Discord name: energon#5912

Linking to another user just to put all you guys in one thread:

I’ll post your names on Discord next I get the chance and see if anybody can help.

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My discord name is atta#1751

Thanks to everyone for your helps.

Hey guys! I posted your names on Discord and an admin said that they would unlock the accounts. Hope that helps!

Hi, could you please do the same for me? zoeart #5248

Sure, I’ll let you know once it’s done.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Hi @zicklag. Thank you for helping us here. You may recall I posted the same problem on another thread, but nobody else ever responded. If you or anybody can help me get into this mysterious Discord channel, I would appreciate it. My Discord ID:


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Hi, I have the same problem: banned for no reason.


Could you forward to the right people. Really appreciate it!

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