Why do Crypto startups Create BEP20 tokens for ICO?

Whenever a startup falls short of funds, they would apply for loans from financers or banks. However, it takes a long time for the approval of loans and payment processing. Presently, the world entered into the blockchain and crypto era, Many budding startups and business people started tech-friendly approaches to raise funds for their projects. One such strategy is ICO. It is considered to be a prominent solution for raising capital. They must pay heed to the token standards while planning the development of ICO. Now, If we compare existing token standards, The BEP20 tokens outshine many of them because of their frictionless compatibility with other blockchain platforms and demanding features. Now, Let us look into the BEP20 token.,

BEP20 Token
BEP20 is the popular crypto token standard of the BNB chain. The primary motto of this token standard is to provide a flexible format for blockchain developers to develop and deploy a huge amount of crypto tokens on the BNB Chain. BEP20 token standard allows any crypto tokens to be used by other applications from crypto wallets to the DEX platform in a consistent way. The BEP20 token transactions are quicker when compared to the other token standard in the crypto space. So BEP20 Tokens have great hype in the marketplace. In addition to the above, BEP20 Tokens also have admirable features with it.

Features of BEP20 Token

The Features play a major role in creating BEP20 tokens. It helps you to raise funds efficiently and attracts more crypto users globally. Some of the important features are

  • Completely Decentralized
  • Interoperable with other frameworks
  • Details of the token
  • Cross-matching with BEP2
  • Smart Contracts Integration
  • Dual Chain Architecture
  • Verified Source Code
  • Customizable decimals
  • Access Type
  • Burnable

By looking into the features you might get intrigued to Create BEP20 Token for crypto business.

But as a startup, you might have a question “Why BEP20 Token is demanded by most of the startups and Cryptopreneurs for ICO? ” If you are excited to know about the entire overview of them, Then you can check this blog >>> BEP20 Token Development for ICO