Why i can't swap my usdt to sol?

Hi, can someone explain to me why i can’t swap my usdt to sol ?
i have enough for fees
my sol adresse : r1npGbjY2LhkEMgf97dJonjVKfcVMoZBFYrmFcJX2Lr

How much SOL do you have?

0.00057 SOL you can see it in the first picture ^^

Whoops, sorry I missed that. :sweat_smile:

That actually might not be enough SOL. I don’t remember which DEX Phantom uses to do token swaps, but if it was Serum it requires opening a type of account to make an order for the token swap and that takes a certain amount of SOL in addition to fees. You get the SOL back, but it does take the certain amount in the first place.

Maybe use Orca instead to try to do the swap:

i tryed orca, not be enough SOL :disappointed_relieved: . do you know how much exactly i need?

Bummer. :confused:

Most-likely you need at least 0.0025 SOL. Every token you own takes up about 0.0025 SOL that is stored in a token account to keep track of how many of that token you have. You probably need that much to open up a token account to hold WSOL ( wrapped SOL ), which is temporarily used when swapping SOL on decentralized exchanges.

You can get that 0.0025 SOL back if you ever have 0 of a certain token token by closing the token account. Are there any tokens that you used to own that you now have 0 of? You could reclaim some SOL from those token accounts then and probably have enough to do the swap.

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unfortunately i don’t have author tokens it seems im stucked here or maybe i’ll find dex swaps with low fees
anyway, thank you so much for your help

No problem!

The last dex I would try is Jupiter Aggregator, which I use for all my swaps:

It essentially will do swaps across many different DEXs to find the best price:

Still, I don’t think you can get away that need to have the SOL required to reserve a WSOL token account.

Anyway, good luck!

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I would use a centralized instant exchange such as https://changerow.io, there you don’t need to have any SOL to initiate the swap. Fast and almost no fees.