Why is there no where to mint mp4 files as nft's on Solana

i’v been in this space for over 1.3 years now and im just shocked at how little there is regarding minting mp4 files as nft’s. the ethereum community continues to see a vibrant scene of 1/1 art simply because they offer the resources to mint mp4 files. Solsea currently offers a minor system but it lacks full functionality. the files don’t translate well to other platforms. the maximum file size is only 40 Mb!!! and the preview files max out at 10. anyone from the digital art world will tell you this is insufficient for most 3d artists especially if your files also contain audio.

can someone please recommend me a project that is currently working on this or try to explain why its not possible? i would understand if it cant be done as reputable platforms like ftx still don’t even have this implemented. Solana went live on Opensea this week and they didn’t even enable minting on the solana blockchain.

I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a lot of Solana projects supporting this, but Solana is also extremely new.

I’d have to double-check, but I think it’s barely a year old, and Ethereum is one of the oldest blockchains next to Bitcoin, so it makes sense that Solana is still catching up.

i understand that we’re still in “beta” but it’s still insane to me that it doesn’t exist yet. at this point I’m certain its a technical limitation.

I’m quite confident it’s not. Many NFT projects store their files on Arweave or IPFS, and there isn’t a technical size limit other than how much you are willing to pay for storage.

Whether or not you can render mp4 files is more of a client-side thing than a blockchain thing, too. It depends on the ability of the app to render the mp4.

So both storage and rendering are not limitations of Solana, but limitations of the app that is used to create and/or view the NFT, I believe.

You can mint mp4 and other types on https://solsea.io/

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You can mint mp4 with metaplex I believe

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Are they Json files the same or how does the structure work? thank you for your time