Why not mine solana instead?

Hello solana team members,

I’m Drew Vosk and I’m a bit new in the forum, Many of you here might know me because I’m big in the crypto world. You must have heard of Voskcoin if you’re deep into mining. I currently have partnership with a company call Jetminers, they sell crypto currency miners of all kind and I’d recommend you get one to mine solana.

I’ve been going around the forum reading different articles. I really like how serene it seems here and I hope it continues this way.

Solana is a great project which I’ve come to realize now which is kind of late but it’s okay.
I have been mining solana for a while now and it has come to be my favorite coin to mine because of how fast it’s ecosystem allows it to be mined unlike other coins out there.

My point is you can easily get a miner at Jetminers and begin to mine solana just like I’m doing. It has been really successful for me because I have a miner at my home and office which I bought from Jetminers and I’d recommend you get one too. That way we don’t have to always fall for different airdrop or giveaway scam lingering around the internet.


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