Why When I change My Discord name I can't access to Solana Discord?

I was in Solana Discord,
But when I have changed my discord name I can’t access anymore?!!
What is the problem?!

Hi @slashdreama and welcome to the forum. :wave:

The Solana discord has an aggressive auto-ban bot to try and prevent scammers, and changing your nickname is one of the triggers that will cause a ban.

Try to direct message ansi09#9424 on Discord and ask about getting un-banned.

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I tried, but the Clye Bot, blocks my message, Can I simply send you my discord username and you will tell him to un-ban me?
I got the same problem first time I want to join, I don’t know why pffff
my discord username : Adama, Allah yahdini | Solclones#8775

There is not a good strategy to un-ban someone cause he change is username - a lot of use participate at NFT Project, sometimes to be Whitelisted they ask to add the name of their project to our username as marketing strategy :face_exhaling:

@ansi09 is also here on the forum, so eventually he’ll probably find this now that I’ve pinged him.

Here’s the name to un-ban @ansi09 :


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Hey slashdreama, remove that word " sol " from your username & it should be good to join, the word " sol " is banned in the bot list, it’s used a lot by scammer to impersonal Solana support / Community Managers .
Use this username " clones " if you like, it’s available in the server.

Hey @ansi09 , Thanks man , you saved me.

And I want to launch a meetup group about Solana in my country do you think is good idea? It will more about technical aspect of this blockchain

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