Why when you apply to Solana Collective form you don't get any feedbacks?!

I applied to Solana Collective Form two times!
But I don’t receive any information about my application, neither email, nothing.
How to contact the team in charge please?
Thank for any help!!

Hi @slashdreama ,

I too tried to apply for the Solana Collective and haven’t gotten any response.

I get the feeling that some of the community channels have been somewhat neglected by the Solana Foundation. For instance, this forum has had absolutely no reply from any Solana members or forum admins for at least the last few months. I asked on Discord a couple times about the Solana Collective, but nobody there seemed to know how to contact anybody who would be an admin.

At this point, I’m not sure how to contact the Solana Foundation. :man_shrugging: The one thing I haven’t tried is Emailing them.

Hi Mate,
ok I will email them and let you know.
I have already apply two time.