Why white label crypto exchange software is the preferred method for cryptocurrency exchange development?

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs and startups are interested in developing a crypto exchange platform. Because it is one of the best and easiest ways to generate revenue in a short period. But before initiating the crypto exchange business they must know the development methodologies

Generally, crypto exchange platform can be developed in three methodologies

  • Develop from Scratch
  • Built from Open-Source
  • Develop from white-label crypto exchange software

Develop from Scratch:

Difficulty level: It is a tedious process to develop your own crypto exchange

Time period: It will take around 6-10months time

Cost: Development cost is very expensive

Coding skills: Technical team is required to develop your crypto platform

Features: you can get only a limited number of features

Beta test: single time tested only

Add-ons: very risky and too expensive

Develop from open source:

Difficulty level: It is easy to develop if you have expertise in blockchain technology, but it’s an easy hack and data loss.

Cost: Development cost is Too high

Time-Period: You can’t determine the time period to build your crypto exchange platform.

Beta Test: Needs extensively skilled testing team

Features Easy to get but it is not guaranteed for working.

Add-ons: Very risky & too expensive

Develop from white label crypto exchange software

Difficulty level: You can develop your crypto platform in simple and easy

Cost: Budget-friendly

Time-Period: you can develop a crypto platform within a week

Beta Test: multi time tested

Features: It comes with all essential features that are necessary for running a crypto exchange

Add-ons: you can easily enable addon-modules

Now, you’ll have a clear idea, of why white label crypto exchange software is the best method for cryptocurrency exchange development.

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