Wrapped Sol sent to Coinbase address

Hi, it’s all in the title really. I sent a test transction from my Phantom wallet first to my Solana Coinbase address which came through fine. Then I swapped my USDT for Sol and forwarded that over and don’t see my Solana in my Coinbase at all.

Only later I discover I wasn’t given Sol from the swap at all, it was wrapped sol, which according to Coinbase is entirely different. It really doesn’t help the fact I never asked for wrapped sol in the swap. I don’t really understand it’s function but it doesn’t help the logo is the exact same inside of Phantom.

So now my wrapped sol is in purgatory on Coinbase’s internal network. Do we think this will ever be accessible? I feel like such an idiot for making a huge mistake.

I’d also just like to point out the dangers of relying on Phantom wallet for an accurate reading of whether you have Solana or Wrapped Solana.

Here’s stage 1, after a swap

Here’s stage 2, after sending the contents of the swap

And here’s stage 3, realising the huge mistake I’ve made. (Yes I sent the wrapped sol instead of the sol)