Wrapping in multiple tokens

Hello solaners. As you know after a token creation is good to fund it with some sol. I am making a learning roadmap on the devnet side of solana. I created some tokens. I wanted to wrap sol into them separately. I dodn’t find the way as the wrapping command sends all to all. After the balancing check this is the output:

$ spl-token accounts
Token                                         Balance   
8jjZnr74kmAsA9x8w69feYbwYJPXvhxanpfjQGZmwvrN  999999890 
PRiNvt28U4J9DQZvmSWP7ueYVkpj4bwJS4BssqdRPga   999000000 
So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112   0.09796072
TitNYiHsWA8BgR5vhjFXDSQQtd2AguAhJiQXf81tXRk   999000000 
WETk2zhvTruGmVe1RFNHYt7netgpPWsGrezgB22vD3U   998999900 

Which token is founded?

I’m still learning how this works, but I figured I’d post what I find as I find it:

When you run spl-token wrap 2 it will mint 2 So11...1112 tokens ( minus the transaction fee ). The So11...1112 address is the SPL token for wrapped SOL.

It looks like you don’t wrap SOL in other tokens that you create, you can just wrap SOL inside of the So11...1112 token.

That means that wrapping SOL is just a way to have an SPL version of your SOL tokens. I think this is useful if you want to use SOL with programs like the Token Swap Program or the Token Lending Program, which only work on SPL tokens.

Edit: Here is some more info on wrapping SOL:

Yes I had the same though.